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AFFCO Cut Parts

For almost a century we have been leaders in fiber technology and helping customers to produce quality engineered wool and synthetic felt parts. Our products have performed important roles in virtually every industry — from automotive and household appliances to office equipment and satellites.

AFFCO can provide you with total in-house capabilities from felt manufacturing, design engineering and fabrication to research and development.

More About Cut Parts

Felt can be adapted to any design, it is resilient, strong, durable, and with proper fiber selection it can withstand extreme temperature variations and not be affected by age, water, oil, gasoline or most chemicals.  Our design engineers can apply felt to almost any product you are planning. And, with meticulous attention to your blueprints, we can manufacture quality dies with precision tools, ready to use at our fabricating facility.

AFFCO's fabricating services include: die cutting, guillotine knife cutting, kiss cutting, slitting, packaging, rewinding, spooling, and pressure sensitive application. Our fabricating plant is equipped with the latest state-of-art quality instruments to assure uniform production runs, thereby cutting waste and expediting fabricated parts to your facilities, ready for assembly.

AFFCO has been responsive to change and anticipating the needs of our customers by refining our engineering expertise and introducing new capabilities and technology. As a result, our staff, supported by modern laboratory facilities, is an effective way of keeping pace with change, enabling us to speak your language and to turn your concept into reality. We continue to investigate and experiment, seeking the new roles that felt will play in the products you are planning for tomorrow.

AFFCO manufactures a full line of 100% synthetic fiber needled felts in sizes up 80' in width. These felts come in a variety of thickness, weights and densities.

  • Have greater chemical and heat resistant properties than natural fibers.
  • Perform at a maximum temperature range from 200º to 400º F, depending on fiber.
  • Felts such as Polyester, Polypropylene, Rayon Viscose, NomexTM and TeflonTM have excellent compressibility, resiliency, cushioning, conformability, and are biologically stable.
  • Can be used for heat and chemical resistant filters and gaskets, weather resistant seals, water and fuel oil filters and acid resistant pads.


  • Custom Slitting & Stripping for all fabrics
  • Slit from 84" down to 1/8"
  • Roll diameters up to 24"
  • Rewinding on core size to your spec
  • Doublefold/Fold & Roll
  • Quick turn around with custom packaging
  • Drop Shipping available

AFFCO manufactures industrial grade wool felts in sizes up to 72" in width. We offer a wide range of thickness, weights and densities.

  • Can perform from - 80º to 200º F and can be made flame resistant to conform to government and industrial standards.
  • Can be treated with many specialty chemicals to impart added properties.
  • Perform as bearing and heat seals, polishing wheels, channel seals, shock dampeners, grease retainers and dust shields.
  • Are used for fluid storage and delivery, packing, sound deadening and acoustics.