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Former owner, President and C.E.O. Cornelius E. “Bud” Hubner passed away


I met Mr. Hubner in the year 1978 after he and a few others purchased the American Felt Company from GAF Corporation.  Over the many years, through 1998 when Bud sold me American Felt & Filter Co. and until his passing on May 5, 2014, Bud Hubner was a Christian who loved God first.  He was a mentor and his humor and wisdom would knock you over.  He was like a father to me who scolded me, loved me, and always reminded me of how proud he was of me.  Bud loved his wife and all of their children and their offspring and their family values are one of the greatest accomplishments of their life together.  

I have no right to judge, but I can say this-Bud has now met my mother Carolyn Pryne in heaven with Jesus and his chosen family.

-Wilson H. Pryne (Bill)

CEO, President, & Owner of American Felt & Filter Co.