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  • Medical
    • MedStar for world-class foot care, light-weight bone fracture casts, and super absorbent wipes. Now with an antimicrobial option
  • Athletic
    • MedStar for heavy-duty, shock absorbing athletic padding. Now with an antimicrobial option
  • Pipe Rehabilitation
    • The original manufacturer of liners for trench-less technology pipe rehab
  • Ink Nibs & Stamp Pads
    • StarLine quality for broad-line marker and highlighter nibs, and stamp pad felt
  • Piano
    • Hammer and trim felt for that Carnegie Hall sound
  • Carwash
    • ProStarâ„¢ CW for durable, FadeNot, FrayNot carwash cloth
  • Mechanical SAE Felts
    • FeltStar for a complete line of pressed wool and synthetic needlepunch felts
  • Decorative
    • DecoStar is dyed on the premises in an array of color choices
  • Kiln Liners
    • Application-specific felt, optimized for carbonizing and integrity